When your company starts looking into a web designer to build your company website, you need to know that whomever you trust with your business’s reputation and appearance is worthy – and perhaps more importantly, worth the cost. For a great web designer is worth so much, while a poor one can be ruinous for a small company.


There are a few factors that can help you to find web designers and to reach a decision  the first is their portfolio, which should be online and contain active links to their clients’ sites. It’s easy to be thrown off by promises of high rankings and usability, but by exploring the type and number of works on display, you can discover a lot about the company.


Having a Portfolio


Okay, this may seem rather obvious, but if a web design company is unwilling to show its previous jobs it either hasn’t had any, or hasn’t done a good job on them. If there’s no portfolio at all then they probably aren’t worth spending time on. If they only link to websites they’ve worked on, check the footer text of the site to check if they are actually attributed.


Number of Projects


There is no right or wrong answer for the number of their projects. A company could have done fifty websites, but to a poor quality; or five that they spend months painstakingly working on. Compare the number with how long they’ve been active, working out how many they’ve done per month or year.


This is also a personal matter as the number of projects and how long they can take will affect different companies in different ways. If you’re after a well-designed but low budget website to be built fast, don’t waste your time with a company that makes one website every six months – they probably charge a lot for it, or are doing it in their spare time.


Type of Projects


Check out each of the works in their portfolio, and see how close to your desired website they are, in terms of the kind of technology and usability. Just because you can’t see one like you want, that doesn’t mean they haven’t done one, so if you like the look of their sites you can get in touch to ask if they’ve done anything similar previously.


If you require a particular technology or type of website, you will want to see their experience with it. If it’s a fairly mainstream technology they will hopefully have examples, but again you can ask to see what they’ve done for other businesses. Some web design companies have demo packages, or have done mock-ups for certain details like e-commerce sites.


Quality of Work


Once you’ve identified some relevant sites out of their portfolio, carefully study each of them. The first thing is to see what the load time of the home page is – a long load time can have a very negative affect on your site’s conversion rates. If the website is done in Flash it’s likely to take a little longer.


If you notice slow loading times for a number of their websites (and no others that you usually go on, to eliminate the chance of your bandwidth skewing the results) they likely aren’t very professional, and host their sites on a cheap server.


Check these websites to see how user friendly they are, to see whether you like the design and whether the website design would make you want to work with the business. If there are a couple of bad looking ones don’t worry too much, as the web design company won’t always have control over what the client wants.


Happy Customers

There are, unfortunately, some unscrupulous people out there, and they like to take advantage of these kinds of highly competitive businesses. Some cheaters out there might copy portfolios from other people, or claim websites that they had nothing to do with.


The web designer’s website should have client information somewhere, so go ahead and get in touch with them to ensure the legitimacy of their claims. You could find out quite a lot this way, and get some honest opinions.


Their Own Website


Decide what you think about their own company’s website. If you’ve searched for something like “web design and seo in Liverpool” make sure they really are from Liverpool, and aren’t trying to appear in rankings for all locations. If their website isn’t to your liking but their portfolio sites are, they probably just spend more time on client sites than their own. However if their website is much, much better than their client sites they have either had their site done by another web design company, or they aren’t as interested in making their clients look good as themselves, which is a big red flag.


With these six considerations, you will hopefully be able to find a web design company who can do the right job for your business, and crucially for the right price!

Effective web design is a productive online marketing tool that helps you increase your customer base easily. For every company, a website is an extension of your business that communicates about your brand meaning that it should be treated as a priority. Therefore, it should engage the users in an informative manner for it to be effective. Some of the benefits that a decent website brings to your business include the following.

Consistency In Brand Identity

A professional web designer will know better to look at the big picture when designing a website for you. Having a decent website means that it speaks well about your brand across all contexts. Your business logo, business cards, social media profiles and everything about your website must express the unique brand that is your business.

Attracting Visitors To Your Page

At your website, you should not be targeting clicks; rather you should be targeting people to visit your website, go through it and find out who you are and what your business is all about. Getting people interested in your website is a task, let alone convincing them to purchase your product or service. As a result, you need a web designer who will build something captivating and exciting that will increase your customer base.


Staying Ahead Of Competitors

In each industry, you will find that almost all the sites look alike. Therefore, creating a good-enough website does not do it for you. This does not mean that you have to be too aggressive and have a sparkling design; rather, quality entails having something unique. If your website shows the high quality of your product or service, your brand will stand out from that of competitors. This is what the market is looking for.

Expressing Your Expertise

Objective perspective is very important. You should understand that you are not a web design expert but, you are an expert in your own field. It is important that you strike a balance between the two to have content that works for your website. With a decent website, you get to showcase what it is that you do best. If you get it right, you will attract people to your website and eventually to your business.


A good web design gives a good website that communicates about your company and brand. You will enjoy high engine search visibility, which will put your company up there in the ranks. In this digital world, a good website goes a long way in expanding the client base for a company.